Feeney 9916 tensioning pivot connector
9916 Skematic feeney fitting tensioning for stairs
Feeney Stair Infill using 9916 fittings pivot tensioner
Feeney Stair with wood pivot 9916

Feeney Quick-Connect Piviot Tensioner #9916


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Quick Connect Pivot Tensioner #9916 is a 1/8" Compatible tension swiveling connector allowing for 3/4" in tensioning adjustment, using a lag for stair rail application. With a wide 180 degree pivoting range for stair application, the lag can be screwed into the post level. Then once the cable is connected an tightened, the angle of all connectors will be consistent along the stairs. Includes 2" Lag for wood posts, and 2-1/2" Lag for Composite Sleeved Posts.

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