Feeney Lacing Needle for straight post threading on top left. Curved cable Lacing Needle on bottom right for 90 degree post
Level straight lacing needle 1/8"
Curved cable lacing needle feeney 1/8"
Insert cable in opening of lacing needle, cut and insert 1/8" cable
How to thread straight cable lacing needle lace through post
Curved Cable Lacing Needle in applicatioin, use for 90 degree turns of cable where cable enters one side and exist through the adjacent side

Feeney Cable Lacing Needle


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Lacing Needles by Feeney help thread the cable through posts, and are incredibly useful when going through wood posts. Though it is recommended to add a lacing needle regardless of post type. Lacing Needles are available in a standard straight, or curved for adjacent post threading. Available for 1/8" Cable Wire.