Feeney 9910 Lag Swivel Turnbuckle Tensioner
Feeney Lag Type Tensioning adjuster fitting
Feeney 9910 lag in composite sleeve with composite rail railing
Lag 9910 by feeney installed into wood railing

Feeney Quick-Connect Lag Tensioner #9910


Regular price $37.60

Quick Connect Lag Tensioner is a swiveling type connector allowing for 3/4" in tensioning adjustment. Use 9910 Lag Tensioner for 1/8" cable, and to attach to face of a post/sleeve. Includes a 2" lag for wood, and a 2-1/2" lag for sleeved composite posts. For 1/8" Cable pair "Quick-Connect Lag 9905" with "Quick-Connect Lag Tensioner 9910"

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