DekPro Glass infill with Shoes, Glass balusters, and blank rails.
Level pain of glass baluster 4" Wide
Glass Baluster level used with rails and baluster shoes
Stair Glass Baluster for angled stair sections using blank rails and stair shoes
Stair Glass Balusters 4" wide 32" and 40" tall

DekPro Prestige Clear Glass Balusters 5/pack


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Glass balusters by DekPro are 5/16” thick and 4” Wide. Height of Baluster ranges from 32” to 40”. Use 32” Level Baluster for residential and 38” Level for commercial. Use 32” Stair Baluster for residential Stairs, and 40” Stair for Commercial 42” Stair Railing. 5 Glass Balusters per Pack. Add 5 Shoe Packs, and 1 bag of Screw per pack of Glass Balusters.
Prestige Tri-Rail Deck Railing Designer DekPro


Additional Mid-Rail and Brackets transform Prestige Rail Kits into Beautiful Designer Tri-Rail with ease. Use with Prestige 3" Post Kit for easy installation

DekPro Glass Infill Prestige Railing Shoes and Rails

Glass Infill Balusters

Combine Prestige Glass Baluster Infill with Prestige Blank Rails, Glass Shoe Connectors, and Cut Kits for a high visibility railing which attaches to any aluminum or wood posts.

DekPro Prestige Aluminm Railing Cable Infill 4

Prestige Cable Infill

Combine Series 300 for Level, and  Series 500-W for Stair with Prestige Blank Rails, Cable Brace, and Cut Kit for a nearly see-through railing system.

DekPro Prestige Dream White on Concrete Aluminum Railing

DekPro Prestige

Rail Kits: 6' (actually 70") and 8' (actually 96") Level and Stair Rail Kits include: Top and Bottom Rails, Balusters, Baluster Connectors (for Level Rail), 4/pk Rail Brackets, Metal Screws, and Installation Instructions.

Prestige 3"x3" Post Kits: available in 40" for Residential Level, 44" for Residential Stair and Commercial Level, and 54" for Commercial Stair. Post Kits Include: 3"x3" Aluminum Post with Welded Flange, Post Skirt Cover, and Post Cap. (4 Screws are needed per post for face mount installation, and are not included with post kits.) 

Use a Quick Jig Rail Guide for easy post Installation.

Hardware Kits: are needed for multiple short level or stair rail cut sections, or for level angles not at 90 or 180 degrees. (typically 45 degree angles.)

Effex: Caps and Lighting

DekPro offers Effex lighting, an incredible brand-new "quick-connect-system" bright low-volatage lighthing. Pair lighted post caps and post lights with the Transformer Kit for a beautiful easy lighting system.

Effex Lighting Here

DekPro Prestige Absolute Black Aluminum Railing