Feeney Beveled Washer for 1/8"TT one eighth inch treaded terminal
Feeney Beveled Washer for 1/8"QC one eighth inch quick connect
Feeney Beveled Washer installed demonstrated. what does a beveled washer look like

Feeney 1/8" Beveled Washer 4/pk #3792 and #3799


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4-pack of Beveled Washers is used with CableRail Kits and is placed between the Treaded Terminal or Quick Connect and the outside of the post to give the cable run an approximate 32-degree angle "typical stair angle." Use only for termination of stair angled applications. 1/8" TT has a 9/32" Inside Diameter is used for the Treaded Terminal side of a CableRail Kit. 1/8"QC has a 3/8" Inside Diameter and is used for the Quick-Connect side a CableRail Kit. 4 Washers Per Clam

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