Feeney CableRail Kit metal post 6205, 6210, 6215, Use with metal post such as DesignRail
Feeney CableRail Kits metal post blak railing stairs
Feeney cableRail with pergola metal post 62 6205 6210 6215
Feeney Curved metal post cable rail railing
Feeney cable wire 1/8" Cablerailkits

Feeney CableRail Kit for Metal Posts


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Metal CableRail Kits are designed to work with a 4x4 or smaller metal post such as DesignRail Kits by Feeney. Each kit contains materials to complete one run of cable. each section should require between 9 and 11 runs to have enough cable infill for a 36" Rail. Kits Included: A quick-connect fitting, two washers for metal, a washer nut, and a 4-1/4" Treaded Terminal Pre-Swaged to cable wire. CableRail Kits are available in 5 foot, 10 foot, 15 foot, 20 foot, 25 foot, 30 foot, 40 foot, and 50-foot lengths.

Feeney installation in metal posts cablerail kits

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