Feeney Cable Accessories Protector sleeves 10/bg
Feeney Protector sleeves in wood application 1/8" cable
Feeney Protector Sleeves in painted wood looks like composite 1/8" Sleeve

Feeney 1/8" Protector Sleeves (10/Bag)


Regular price $12.25
Stainless Steel Protector Sleeves keep 1/8" Cable from "rubbing" or "waring" on the post where a turn in the cable appears. Protector Sleeves require a 1/4" drilled hole to fit in and accept 1/8" Cable. Use with wood 4x4 or 6x6 posts when transitioning cable railing down a set of stairs, or making a level angle turn. Protector sleeves are sold 10 per bag.

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