Cable Railing Systems

When looking for Cable Railing for your Deck, you've probably come across horizontal stainless steel wire running through metal or wooden posts. Horizontal Cable Railing has been gaining popularity at an impressive rate and is the desired look for decks with a backyard view. Let's examine the types of cable for you deck handrail. (Below is a photo of DesignRail Kits by Feeney built by Acumen Renovations)

DesignRail Kits by Feeney in black  horizonatal cable handrail system deck wire from feeney inc

1. Horizontal Cable With Metal Posts:
Systems such as Feeney DesignRail and DesignRail Kits use thick-gauged aluminum posts, and rails along with pre-fabricated cable wire or CableRail Kits which connect to the back side of the post for easy installation. Systems such as ones by AS&D and Feeney offer Predrilled posts, set for residential or commercial railing heights 36" and 42". Feeny's Level posts such as the Threaded Terminal Level Post have pre-drilled holes for the cable and handrail to connect or fit into. The stair posts do not have pre-drilled holes however. Visit the DesignRail Kits Page for more information on post placement, type and how to easily estimate your materials! (Below is a DesignRail Project using Series 450 top-rail)
 Feeney DesignRail Horizontal Cable Railing System deck cable railing best top quality
 2. Horizontal Cable with Wood Posts:
Similar to the Metal post style, CableRail Kits for Wood have a longer threaded terminal and are designed to terminate to the back side and through a 6x6 cedar post. These CableRail Kits include metal washers whereas the kits for metal include plastic washers. You can also Build Your Own cable system, using Feeney fittings designed for a variety of applications. Standard 9905 Lag and 9910 Lag Tensioning fittings screw into the face of a wood post for level cable runs. fittings by Feeney are used with wire sold in 100' 250' and 500' spools. Find the fittings you need here: Build Your Own
Feeney Cable Railing with Wood posts
3. Vertical Cable Railing:
The last common system when talking about Cable is Vertical Cable. Systems such as Westbury C80 VertiCable and Fortress V-Series are railing lines which utilize pre-fabricated, panelized rail sections with vertical cable pre-strung and ready for installation. The motivation for springing at one of these systems is two part. first, these systems are less in price than horizontal cable, the second part being easy of installation. Not needing to drill the posts out reduces the time and difficulty of the install process. Vertical cable systems are perfect for those who want to maximize viewing while keeping the price low. Let us know if you have any questions about these products! (Below is a picture of C80 VertiCable by Westbury installed near Lake Lottawana, MO)
Westbury C80 VertiCable Vertical Cable Railing panel